A week closer

DD1  came over and we looked at make-up for the costume.  I never wear make-up beyond foundation  so it is very tricky.  though I know it will look costumey to me, I want it to show in the camera.  I bought the hair I need I hope it is enough, hair is expensive!  and I will download the spats pattern so I can alter it for height and the button edges. DD2 is still looking for keys and lock nuts for  me for decoration.  more pictures when the above is set.  There are 6 going so far.  not all in costume,  though I’m working on a simple costume for DD1  using my Kindle.  I’m testing battery life.  that will be the issue with the costume.



update on the costume. I have figured out how I’m going to wear my hair.

from Locks of elegance

from Locks of elegance — Only with Blue Braids and most likely no hat. 

the goggles are even better than I could have hoped for the price.  Though I doubt I'll wear them on my head

the goggles are even better than I could have hoped for the price. Though I doubt I’ll wear them on my head

I also bought a small basket to use as a bag,  and some belts to make into a sash and belt.  My daughter says she can get me some large lock nuts and keys to decorate the belt.  I also want a small pair of binoculars to wear around my neck.

I also found a spats pattern though I have to alter it quite a bit to get what I was wanting in my head.  I’m going to find some white leather or vinyl to make them. I should have plenty of little pearl buttons.

Still need makeup and headpiece Ideas.  The Comic-con is only 1 month away I’d better get busy!


A comic con is coming to Cleveland.  I am very excited. I have already started on my costume.  I bought a olive skirt to wear to the New Years Eve party, that I’ll rework a little to for a skirt.  I have a couple of corsets I can dye and use at a vest or over shirt.  I bought a little set of goggles to use for a hair band.goggles

Probably will do pin curls but maybe not.  I have actually started a pintrist board for it.  I’ll most likely be putting some teasers up here.  I hope it goes well and we have more!

Alot has changed. we are no longer moving. I couldn’t get the price for the house I wanted and DH has gotten to the point that if he is moved out of his environment he will be totally lost. I had gotten a service for him, but the person they sent is not regular enough, it’s crazy. He goes to the VA on Christmas Eve after telling me the appointment was 11/24 and I took the day off of work and everything. Hopefully they have more reliable people.
A little bit if thrifting. mostly clothing for a ever changing body, DH has lost to a size 31″ waist jeans and now is in a 34″ waist size. I did find myself a new winter coat. As I got pain allover my cape last year. it is a full leather coat from Wilsons $25 no tears, or bald spots either.
Not to Brag or anything but I’m about done Christmas shopping. have a couple of more stops to make. and just what do you get for a Dad who has everything? and if he doesn’t have it he goes out and gets it himself!
Time is sure flying. Hoping for a new job in the report writing department, but I may be “indispensable” and not be moved. 😦 we’ll see.
Crocheting a bunch, but missing my meetup group. maybe I can get back to it, if the VA come through.
Have a great holiday if I don’t get back here. and a happy and fun filled new year.

Vacation Time

Of course I have time to blog I’m on vacation,  though I have to get up and get online for work daily.  I have reopened my store on TIAS.com  the link is http://www.tias.com/stores/thrifterscloset/.  I’ve only got 100 patterns up there and I’m still working on organization but it will get bigger.  

We are in Virginia on vacation, yesterday we got to do a little thrifting.  Staunton’s yellow pages said it had 4 thrift stores so we went there.  We didn’t find the first one but there was a mission thrift that wasn’t on the list.  we didn’t buy anything there, prices were a bit high and I only found $7.00 worth of stuff I wanted, not enough to use the card.  And I didn’t want to spend my turnpike cash. they were doing paving on the road that was on,  and we couldn’t go back the way we came.  Took a nice tour of a neighborhood finding our way back to the main drag.  The next thrift store we found the building but it was empty,  and the the Salvation Army.  Things must just be more expensive here cause they were a bit high too except for shoes I found another pair of sandals that don’t hurt my foot.  I did see one vintage dress but I bet it was a modern size 8  I should have bought it anyway,  but I didn’t.  Then we looked for the last thrift store and the address was in a neighborhood, only houses!  I did see a humane society and another thrift (I can’t think of it right now) but they don’t usually have clothes and that is what I have been after.   So for all the trouble I bought a pair of sandels, and got a tour of Staunton.   Off to find a post office since something I had on ebay sold!  getting rid of stuff we don’t need anymore. 


Happy Thrifting

March Already!

time is just flying!
I only have abut 3300 patterns in the database now. it is taking much longer with scanning and adding pictures. I still haven’t found a good way of adding the spreadsheet yet. I once knew html, I’m going to investigate that next.
We do have 4 buyers coming to look at the rent house today fingers crossed that one buys. The contractor is being so slow. another week when went by without any work being done. I’m not sure what the problem is now.
It’s a wonder that Angie’s list is so popular, even when you get a personal referral they can get dodgy. Off to learn html again.

Happy thrifting.

I have now over 3000 patterns in the spreadsheet and have added some pictures. and the excel spreadsheet is too big to add in sky drive which means I can’t add it here. Please be patient while I work to resolve this issue.

In the mean time, only one person has toured our house. And the contractors are still working on the rent house.
hopefully it will go up for sale before the end of February. We are also working to sort all the business stuff to have a “yard” sale as soon as the weather gets better. Work is as full as ever, with them wanting me to finish 4 weeks of work in 2. It will get done.

Have a good February as I heard Phil saw his shadow and we have 6 more weeks of winter!

Happy Thrifting!