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Halloween is coming!

Halloween is my favorite Holiday, I love dressing up, I loved dressing up my kids.  So it only makes sense that I have lots of Halloween costume patterns.  I have many of them up for sale on eBay now.  Check them out.

It’s been crazy around here as usual,  we just got back from a very fun weekend with all our kids and grand-kids in Virginia Beach.  We survived the “Storm”, and the kids got to run the the Humana Rock and Roll half marathon.  we sat on the sideline freezing, but they all finished and did great times.

I also finally started classes, I have a couple of things to do today,  and then look for next weeks learning materials.  I think I can do this!



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Hello, I’m back.  I’ve been working on my Amazon inventory.  I found that I’ve been selling on Amazon for 5 years,  since 4/2011. that’s kinda amazing to me.  They don’t really let you advertise your items like ebay, but someone mentioned that I could post them to pinterest with the link to the page.  So I’ve been doing that.  my pinterest page with my boards is Cheryl’s Pinterest page.  Back in 2011 they were not encouraging people to really put individual items up, if you paid them you could add items to their inventory, but otherwise you were stuck with whatever was already there.  This was true even if there was no picture or there was a bad description or even totally wrong information.  Now I can fix those things.  But I have about 500 individual items,  so getting back to them to fix pictures and wrong information will be a big chore, but I will do it. If you follow me on pinterest, I’ll be adding all of my TIAS inventory as well.  and if you’d like to look through and find something you like I’d appreciate it if you’d buy mine even if it’s not the lowest price.  In the meantime School starts on August 29th and time will be limited after that.  I don’t know if it will be better or worse than going to school with 4 kids but we will see.

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We had a great time out near Mohican State Park.  Everyone including me was on the lookout for Pokemon!  It kept my 14 nephew out of his room on the iPad and out in the woods.  This game is kinda cool.  I did get to put a few things in my store on TIAS. And a few more up on Amazon.  I have started a new Pinterest board for my Amazon items.  So if you wan to check it out it is here.  Back to work tomorrow.

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I’m not much of a writer, so this gets put to the back of the train easily.  I am going to be stepping up my attempts at selling my hoarde.  so I’ll try to keep this going to help publicize where and what I’m doing.  I am selling a few things on ebay   and adding lots of things to my TIAS Store  .  Also I’ve started a facebook page to put more frequent updates there, along with a shop now button.  Mostly now I’m working on Halloween patterns so people can get started on my favorite holiday!

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Life got in the way!

So today I got no sewing done! I prepped and primed the new drywall in the kitchen, and possibly the bathroom we’ll see if I have the energy. I also cooked 17 meals for me to take to work, and helped Jessica with her car. Sadly all that work and Fitbit says I did no intense activity today! crazy

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I hope to put a little more here to document what I’m doing. I’ve supplies for a birdcage hat, a costume for me. I found granny boots to wear. I also have supplies to make little Adria a Dalek costume from the episode Asylum of the Daleks. Her mother is going to be Oswin Oswald and we even found the right shoes. Since I’ll be sewing more. I’ll put lots of pictures.

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first DD1’s costume.  I got some vinyl to make a tunic,  and some puff pain for rivets.  I also got a knob to use for a control.  (I won’t really work,  but I hope it looks cool.

I also got a great pair of binocularsIMG_2473[1] These came from an ebay store.  I just have to put a chain on them.

I also found a bunch of small stuff at StageCoach Antiques IMG_2472[1]I just need to find rivets and a rivet setter for leather.  I checked at Micheals craft store yesterday but they were out.  they only keep one per store.  Stupid.  I’ll probably find it online today and get it by next week.

I couldn’t find DH’s compass.  someone probably stole it, along with the other missing stuff. But I did find the pocket watch I had gotten him.  IMG_2474[1]Not fancy, but it will look cool.

only about 3 weeks to go.  Yea!

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